Software & Systemarchitecture

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In addition to the collection of functional and non-functional requirements, the software and system architecture plays an increasingly important role. It should be ensured that architectural aspects such as failure safety and quality standards are adhered to, as this can otherwise lead to the failure of the project. Another aspect is the maintainability of the software. Constant quality control of the source code and specifications of the modular software architecture are the key to the prevention of so-called spaghetti- (= a heap of code without structure) and lasagne code (= multi-layered, uneducated code structure), which makes maintenance of the software enormously more difficult.

How can you ensure that a system is created according to standards and requirements?

When creating software in teams, it is important that, depending on the size, at least one system or software architect is present, which from the outset specifies the architecture concepts and carries out the necessary quality controls. This makes it possible to prevent maintenance being a challenge, for example. The system or software architecture defines the architecture management processes, documents the components using UML, makes the necessary design decisions and coaches the developers. Strali Solutions ensures that your software project meets the architecture standards right from the start.

Which architecture is right for my project?

Architecture patterns are used to determine the right software and system architecture for your project. These prevent that in any case an N-layer architecture is used for implementation. Applications that are not based on a formal architecture are often tightly coupled and difficult to adapt. The consideration of the architecture in the design phase and during the implementation allows the right architecture decision. In addition to the classical N-layer architecture, event-controlled architecture, microkernel architecture, microservices architecture or space-based architecture can also be used. Let us together define the right architecture for your project.

How can spaghetti and lasagna code be prevented?

Unstructured code (= spaghetti code) or multi-layer code (= lasagne code) usually result from a bad or non-existent software and system architecture. In order to avoid this, it is essential to have an eye on the architecture right from the start. Strali Solutions is your competent partner for your project to be a success.