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Digitization is advancing. It offers the possibility to organize work processes more efficiently and economically. The use of apps in the company makes data available also mobile. Cloud technologies, such as Office 365, Azure, Amazon Web Service, and more, deliver a variety of features and can be deployed immediately without having to invest in your own IT infrastructure. These technologies can effectively manage large amounts of data (BigData) and provide the basis for further data analysis.

How can apps help to move the business forward?

Internet and media offerings have crossed the threshold for mobile use. The use of the Internet is increasingly shifting from the PC / notebook to mobile. Under these circumstances, as a company, it is important to provide an offer for the customers in this environment and, on the other hand, to enable their own employees to use these technologies within their area of responsibility. Strali Solutions helps you to maximize the potential of mobile applications.

What are the possibilities in using cloud technologies for my company?

The use of cloud technologies seems to be inexhaustible. The possibilities for internationally active companies to share data with business partners in a simple way and to network in such a way is one of the advantages of using cloud technolgoy. The use of these technologies also helps to increase employee productivity by enabling employees to work from home or on the road. In addition to the mentioned areas of application, there are more. Strali Solutions is your partner in the cloud environment.

How can big data be managed and analyzed effectively?

In order to efficiently process and analyze large amounts of data, it is necessary to use the correct basic technology for the project. Whether the data should be held in relational database systems (SQL), or alternatively in No-SQL, should be collected based on the underlying requirements. The possibilities to analyze the data go from classic transactional approaches to business intelligence approaches to evaluate data from the past. Further possibilities are provided by the use of machine learning, in order to gain new knowledge from existing data and thus to make predictions, for example, which are then used as new insights so that the system can continue to learn. Strali Solutions helps you to store and analyze your data effectively.