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The focus is on expert advice and implementation in the following areas

IT Consulting

Do my systems meet upcoming requirements?
Is there a potential to optimize running solutions?
Are there new possibilities in using new technologies?
What is the right method to steer my project?

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Productivity Solutions

How can the usage of productivity tools support the company communication?
How can data be made available mobile?
How about finding document quickly without searching for a long time?

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How can apps help to move the business forward?
What are the possibilities in using cloud technologies for my company?
How can big data be managed and analyzed effectively?

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Software Engineering

Which technologies shall be used to create the software?
How is the quality of software development ensured?
How will the upgrade be performed while the system is running without downtime?

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Software & Systemarchitecture

How can you ensure that a system is created according to standards and requirements?
Which architecture is right for my project?
How can spaghetti and lasagna code be prevented?

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3D Printing

Generation of architectural models and design prototypes
Optimize existing prototypes to make models easy, timely and cost-effective
3D printing of design and art objects?