Software Engineering

fast. direct. uncomplicated.

In addition to the selection of the appropriate software development process, the use of automated test methods and DevOps methods are indispensable for creating professional software. Thus, the quality of the software can be continuously ensured and measured. With the use of Microservices and the above mentioned technologies a continuous integration of new system parts into the production system without maintenance windows is ensured.

Which technologies shall be used to create the software?

In accordance with the requirements and taking into account operational requirements, the appropriate technologies are determined for the individual project. From an extension of a standard software, to the creation of a complete individual solution, Strali Solutions is your competent partner.

How is the quality of software development ensured?

The quality of the software must be ensured from the beginning. In order to ensure this from the requirements analysis to the implementation of the software, a systematic approach is essential in order to ensure the quality accordingly. Documentation and planning using tools such as Team Foundation Server or Atlassian (Jira / Confluence and Bitbucket) provide a way to do this. In addition, these tools have additional features that can be used throughout the development process. Automated tests ensure the functionality of each component. Strali Solutions provides you with a high-quality solution and the "fast - direct - uncomplicated".

How will the upgrade be performed while the system is running without downtime?

It is a challenge to keep downtime as low as possible when a physical host acts as a single failure point for virtual servers. With the help of a fault tolerance system and the use of Blue / Green environments, it is possible, for example during the upgrade process, to carry out the change without having a failure of the service. This works by the fact that the queries before the upgrade are directed specifically to one environment (Blue) and the upgrade is done on the other (Green). Once the upgrade has been completed, the requests are redirected to the system that received the update (Green). Strali Solutions helps you reduce your system downtime.